More than 100 participants at the DESY Research Course 2019

XVIII. DESY Research Course at DESY 2019 'Trends in Modern Photon Science' - winner of the prize for the best three posters (from left: Felix Lehmkühler (Research course organiser, DESY), Markus Batzer (MPI Mainz), Philipp Kagerer (Univ. Würzburg), Kaja Schubert (DESY), Martin A. Schroer (Head of poster prize committee, EMBL Hamburg).

XVIII. DESY Research Course at DESY 2019 'Trends in Modern Photon Science'.

The programme of the DESY Research Course 2019 “Trends in Modern Photon Science” covered the research activities of different new photon science research acitivities on the campus in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld. More than 100 participants attended this year's course from 27 February to 1 March. It was the 18th research course at DESY of a series initiated in the year 2001. 

The aim of this research course series is to provide young and future researchers with the fundamental knowledge about new methods of X-ray research. This year's course “Trends in Modern Photon Science” comprised ten lectures covering FEL science (e.g. ultrafast electron dynamics, chemical research, non-linear photon-matter Interaction), attosecond science, quantum gas science (e.g. floquet engineering in optical lattices), lasing schemes (following inner-shell X-ray excitation) and forefront X-ray optics. Moreover the scientific programme was complemented by a poster session for all participants, including a prize for the best three posters.

The next DESY Research Course will take place in spring 2020 (Feb./March) .

Contact for further information: Gerhard Grübel, Felix Lehmkühler and Matthias Kreuzeder (DESY)