Archive of 2018

Dec. 07, 2018
Over 100 participants at the 2nd Workshop Centre for Molecular Water Science (CMWS)

More than 100 participants attended the 2nd workshop for preparing the new 'Centre for Molecular Water Science (CMWS)' at DESY on 4-5 December 2018. During this workshop experts from ...

Dec. 03, 2018
Journal designated Martin Beye an "Emerging Leader"

DESY junior research group leader Martin Beye has been identified by the Editorial Board of Journal of Physics as one of the most exciting researchers in his generation in the field of ...

Nov. 16, 2018
X-ray fluorescence imaging could open up new diagnostic possibilities in medicine

Using gold to track down diseases

Nov. 15, 2018
First LEAPS plenary meeting at DESY

Synchrotron radiation source SESAME welcomed as associated partner

Nov. 15, 2018
High-pressure experiments reveal new forms of a silica

Crystal surprise

Nov. 09, 2018
Innovative experimental scheme can create mirror molecules

A new path through the looking-glass

Nov. 07, 2018
Helmholtz Doctoral Prize 2018 for Oleg Gorobtsov

For his outstanding doctoral thesis on coherent X-ray scattering methods, Oleg Gorobtsov from the DESY photon science research division was awarded the Helmholtz Doctoral Prize 2018. In his ...

Nov. 05, 2018
When is a laser a real laser?

Photon statistics matter

Oct. 26, 2018
New technique enables spatial separation of peptide structures

Milestone on the way of direct imaging of single biomolecules

Oct. 23, 2018
Saša Bajt elected Fellow of the Optical Society

DESY Photon Science group leader honoured for her outstanding contributions to EUV- and X-ray optics

Oct. 19, 2018
Extremely small magnetic nanostructures with invisibility cloak imaged at PETRA III

Future Data Storage Technology

Oct. 18, 2018
Single particle imaging without symmetry constraints at XFELs

Workflow for puzzle solving in 3D

Oct. 17, 2018
Polish Synchrotron Radiation Society Award for the best publication

Saša Bajt's team distinguished for innovative X-ray lenses

Oct. 12, 2018
Modified optical centrifuge has potential to open up new ways for the study of superrotors

Novel corkscrew-laser technique can send molecules spinning rapidly about a selected axis

Oct. 10, 2018
“Quantum boiling” reveals relativity in atoms

X-ray experiments show impact on atomic structure

Oct. 09, 2018
Hot aluminum etches smooth nano-holes in semiconductors

Study of promising technique for nanostructuring finds surprising properties

Oct. 02, 2018
First experiments at Europe's new X-ray laser reveal unknown structure of antibiotics killer

DESY-led international collaboration obtains first scientific results from European XFEL

Sep. 24, 2018
Silicon in a state of shock

Scientists investigate the reaction of silicon to rapid compression with a new experimental geometry

Sep. 14, 2018
X-rays reveal L-shape of scaffolding protein

Structural biologists discover unexpected results at PETRA III

Sep. 07, 2018
Shining a new light on biological cells

Combined X-ray and fluorescence microscope reveals unseen molecular details

Aug. 06, 2018
Microscopy Today Innovation Award for Saša Bajt and colleagues

High numerical aperture and high efficiency X-ray lenses

Aug. 01, 2018
Novel liquid jet nozzle for high repetition diffraction experiments at free-electron lasers

Rapid sample delivery for megahertz serial crystallography

Jul. 26, 2018
What’s causing the voltage fade in Lithium-rich NMC cathode materials for batteries?

Insights into cathode material for rechargeable batteries

Jul. 20, 2018
International Conference on Ultrafast Phenomena attracted 500 participants

UP2018 took place in Hamburg

Jul. 17, 2018
High-pressure experiments allow the spread of seismic waves to be observed in the mineral ferropericlase

Earthquake in the laboratory

Jun. 28, 2018
Scientists image millions of nerve cells with the help of PETRA III

Map for the cerebellum

Jun. 15, 2018
DESY and European XFEL will host the prestigious SRI2021 conference in Hamburg

The SRI will return to Hamburg after nearly 40 years

Jun. 06, 2018
New insight into the transition zone of the Earth’s interior

Phase relations studies enhanced by new high-pressure techniques

Jun. 04, 2018
Low dose X-Ray speckle spectroscopy reveals dynamics in liquids

Measurement of radiation sensitive ionic liquids

May. 30, 2018
Experiment proves different chemical reactivity of para- and ortho-water

Water is not simply water

May. 16, 2018
Worlds strongest bio-material outperforms steel and spider silk

Novel method transfers superior nanoscale mechanics to macroscopic fibres

May. 16, 2018
Worlds fastest water heater - 100,000 degrees in 0.000 000 000 000 075 seconds

Scientists explore exotic state of liquid with X-ray laser

May. 09, 2018
X-ray laser opens new view on Alzheimer proteins

Graphene enables structural analysis of naturally occurring amyloids

May. 02, 2018
Freeze-framing nanosecond movements of nanoparticles

New method for monitoring fast movements by hard X-ray lasers

Apr. 13, 2018
High-energy X-ray method promises 3D images of intact biological cells

Novel microscope concept can reduce radiation dose a thousand-fold

Apr. 03, 2018
Pocket accelerator combines four functions in one device

Scientists create “Swiss army knife” for electron beams

Mar. 26, 2018
Edges and corners increase efficiency of catalytic converters

X-rays reveal oxide islands on noble metal nanoparticles

Mar. 14, 2018
High-temperature study at PETRA III opens view on movements in the mantle of the Earth

Researchers discover previously unmeasured deformation mechanism in mineral ferropericlase

Mar. 05, 2018
Max von Laue Prize for Elena Bykova

DESY scientist Elena Bykova has been awarded the Max von Laue Prize 2018 by the German Crystallographic Society. The prize was presented on Monday, at the society’s annual conference in ...

Mar. 01, 2018
"Trends in water research" - Research Course and international Symposium at DESY

More than 140 participants attended the 17th DESY Research Course and the international DESY Symposium on water research this week. The symposium took place for the first ...

Feb. 26, 2018
Metal offers improved method of making graphene

Nickel wraps itself in ultrathin carbon mantle

Feb. 09, 2018
X-ray spot on fillet of pork

Stress makes meat bland and dry

Feb. 08, 2018
X-ray experiments reveal exact details of self-catalysed growth for the first time

Scientists observe nanowires as they grow

Feb. 06, 2018
Liquid crystal molecules form nano rings

Quantised self-assembly enables design of materials with novel properties

Jan. 01, 2018
Deep insights from diamonds

Gemstones reveal oxidation processes in the interior of the Earth

Jan. 25, 2018
1200 participants at the annual meeting for users

Record number of attendees at the joint DESY and European XFEL event

Jan. 16, 2018
Scientists decipher key principle behind reaction of metalloenzymes

So-called pre-distorted states accelerate photochemical reactions too