Helmholtz Doctoral Prize 2018 for Oleg Gorobtsov

Oleg Gorobtsov

Oleg Gorobtsov (Picture: Helmholtz/Stefanie Herbst)

For his outstanding doctoral thesis on coherent X-ray scattering methods, Oleg Gorobtsov from the DESY photon science research division was awarded the Helmholtz Doctoral Prize 2018. In his thesis, Gorobtsov developed new concepts for utilisation of the so-called coherence of hard X-ray radiation, a pioneering work to further establish this new research field at modern X-ray light sources. Gorobtsov successfully realised his ideas at synchrotron radiation sources as PETRA III and at free-electron lasers as LCLS in the US and FERMI in Italy.

Every year, the Helmholtz Association awards one young scientist for each of its six research areas for outstanding theses. The young academics receive an amount of 5000 euros as well as 2000 euros monthly for a research stay abroad over a period of six months.

(from DESY News)