International DESY Summer Student Program - Photon Science (Part A)

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DESY Summer Student Programme 2022

Each summer DESY offers students in physics or related natural science disciplines the opportunity to participate in its research activities at Hamburg and Zeuthen (close to Berlin). Students can apply to join either the Photon Science / Synchrotron Radiation Research (part A), the Elementary Particle and Accelerator Physics part (part B), or the Astroparticle Physics part (Z) of this summer student program.
DESY is one of the world’s leading centres for research with X-rays. Three large-scale facilities are available in Hamburg for state-of-the-art experiments: the synchrotron source PETRA III delivers X-ray radiation at high energies; the free-electron lasers FLASH I and FLASH II produces ultrashort pulses of radiation in the soft X-ray range; and the European XFEL produces extremely intense X-ray pulses. These research opportunities are complemented by several specialized research and engineering groups in the DESY Photon Science Division. These groups address fundamental and applied questions in the fields of physics, biology, chemistry, crystallography, materials science, geological science, computer science, electrical and mechanical engineering, in many cases pursuing an interdisciplinary approach. In photon science (part A), multiple topics in several areas are available for students.

If students choose the photon science part (part A), they can enter up to three choices for the topics they would like to work on. All students attend a series of lectures (given in English) related to all research done at DESY during their stay at DESY.

Applicants should have completed three years of full time studies on a university level by the time they begin the program. All students participating on-site will receive financial support.

The application deadline for this part of the program is usually January 31.
Detailed information on the summer student program at DESY can be found

If you have further questions please contact the DESY Photon Science Contact for Summer Students:

Andreas Przystawik
E-Mail: Andreas Przystawik
Phone: +49 (0)40 8998 2697
Location: 25F / 357