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positive self-test result - what to do?
Please consult this document if your self-test result is positive [More]
Corona-related Safety Regulations for users at PETRA III and FLASH
Corona requires specific rules for the work at PETRA III and FLASH which have to be obeyed strictly. (August 2022) [More]
Routing slip for participants of beamtimes
Please download and fill in this form. During your stay for beamtime at DESY please carry this document with you. It has to be approved by the DESY Photon Science User Office before you start working at the beamline or lab. [More]
DESY General Guidelines for Corona
General guidelines and regulations for the DESY Campus (as of 8 August 2022) [More]
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Fast Track Access for COVID-19
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The User Office has moved to Building 94/O1.013
See this map on how to find us:

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location of the new User Office

Information on Corona Regulations - valid from August 2022

Test requirements for users coming to PETRA III / FLASH

  • an official negative antigen test certificate for SARS-CoV-2 with the result being not be older than 24 hrs when coming to the User Office. Vaccination or recovery from Covid-19 will not release users from this obligation.
  • for users travelling a long way we recommend to do a self test before departure and getting the certificate after a second test in a test center here in Hamburg.
  • during your stay here at DESY we strongly recommend to carry out an antigen self test every day. Please bring your own test kits.
  • do not come to DESY if you have corona-typical symptoms.
  • proof of vaccination is not requested anymore.

Routing slip

Please print out and fill in the routing slip and present it in the User Office along with your Corona test result.

Icon RoutingSlip (582KB)

We strongly recommend to use medical/FFP2 masks

For your own and the staff's safety we strongly recommend that masks are worn in all indoor areas.
Please wear masks when coming to the User Office to show your test result and get the routing slip signed.

When working close with others we recommend to use FFP2 masks.
In addition, please keep distance to other persons (max. three persons), which also means that you should restrict the number of persons being together in the beamline hutches and laboratories whenever possible.

Please check the general Corona-related safety regulations for experimental work at PETRA III and FLASH as well as steps to be taken when tested positive during your stay at DESY.

Corona-related saftey regulations for users at PETRA III and FLASH
positive self test - what to do

Allowed number of onsite participants

There is no restriction in the numbers of participants anymore. However, please reconsider the number of onsite experimenters and keep the group reasonably small.

General travel regulations for people coming to Germany↵

At present (August 2022) no specific Corona-related regulations apply for travels to Germany.

However, German authorities may define specific 'risk areas with variants of concern' for which travel regulations apply. Currently (August 2022), no risk areas are defined. Please check again before coming to DESY on the RKI webpage.

In any case, a visit to DESY after a stay in an 'area of variant of concern' is NOT possible.