First LEAPS plenary meeting at DESY

Synchrotron radiation source SESAME welcomed as associated partner

LEAPS plenary meeting

More than 150 participants met at DESY for the first LEAPS plenary meeting (Credit: DESY).

Association agreement of LEAPS and SESAME

SESAME Council Chair Rolf Heuer (left) and LEAPS Chair Helmut Dosch signed the association agreement of LEAPS and SESAME. (Credit: DESY)

On 12 and 13 November 2018, the League of European Accelerator-based Photon Sources (LEAPS), the association of European research lightsources, met at DESY for its first plenary meeting. More than 150 scientists from the 16 accelerator-based lightsources in Europe, which are members of LEAPS, travelled to Hamburg to do so. Among them were the directors of all institutions, representatives of eight national science ministries and research funding agencies as well as Philippe Froissard from the European Commission.

“The League of European Accelerator-based Photon Sources has made great progress since its foundation a year ago, and I am convinced that this is the way to make our science with European lightsources shine even brighter in the future,” said Helmut Dosch, Chairperson of LEAPS, who opened the meeting together with LEAPS Vice-Chairperson Caterina Biscari from the Spanish synchrotron radiation source ALBA. The LEAPS consortium represents the interests of more than 25 000 users in total.

The LEAPS members have organised themselves into several working and strategy groups dealing with new technological and scientific developments or with academic and industrial services and public relations. In addition, the LEAPS consortium also aims to contribute to solving major scientific and societal challenges in the fields of health, energy, food security, engineering and manufacturing, cultural and basic research that can be addressed through research light sources. In the plenary meeting, 13 pilot research projects were presented by the spokespersons of the different collaborations. Representatives of the national funding agencies and the European Commission discussed how the LEAPS programme could be supported in the future in the European research funding landscape.

At the meeting, LEAPS also welcomed its first associated partner, the international lightsource SESAME in the Middle East: Rolf Heuer, Council Chairperson of SESAME, signed the association agreement with LEAPS.

(from DESY news)