Roofing ceremony for the new Centre for X-ray and Nanoscience

New building for X-ray and Nanoscience

 CXNS roofing ceremony

At the CXNS roofing ceremony on 10 December 2019 (from left): Matthias Rehahn and Martin Müller (HZG),Helmut Dosch (DESY), Volkmar Dietz (German Federal Ministry of Education and Research),Eva Gümbel (BWFG), Lutz Kipp (CAU), Edgar Weckert (DESY), Frank Duddeck (SBI Siemke & Co), Andreas Stierle (DESY). (Photo: DESY/A. Heimken)

The new building for the Centre for X-ray and Nanoscience (CXNS) currently under construction celebrated its roofing ceremony. CXNS is a cooperation of DESY, HZG and CAU - the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht  and the Christians-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel. The building will be the home of DESY NanoLab, the German Engineering Materials Science Centre (GEMS) of HZG, the ‘Ruprecht-Haensel-Labor’, which is a long-standing cooperation between CAU and DESY, and a few other groups working in the field of photon science at DESY.

CXNS will thus integrate some already existing activities which are currently spread all over the DESY campus with the aim to offer excellent conditions for research in nano science. The five-storeyed building provides 5000 square metres of floor space of which 700 square metres are reserved for Laboratories which will host mutually complementary preparation and analysis facilities. Officespace is foreseen for about 250 researchers.

Construction started in autumn 2019 and is planned to be finished end of 2020. The 18 million Euro for the buildingderive from funding by the German national government,by the regional governments of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein, and from the budgets of the three involved research institutions.

(further information (in German):  DESY News)