X-Ray Diffraction

Reflectometer including Mo-Ka source.

Six circle (z-axis) diffractometer.

Responsible: Dr. Vedran Vonk

The DESY Nanolab operates two separate X-ray set-ups. The first is a dedicated X-ray reflectometer, equipped with a molybdenum X-ray tube and adapted multilayer optics, giving a line focus at the sample position. The second set-up (currently under construction) is a full 6-circle diffractometer, which is used in combination with a copper tube source. Here, the multilayer optics focuses in two dimensions, resulting in a point focus at the sample position. Both diffractometers are placed within lead shielding hutches, which are built from material left after dismantling DORIS.

Sample Environments (most of them can be used only in cooperation with our group)


UFO chamber mini reactor (no UHV, only operando); high pressure reaction chamber (up to 50 bar)

For Surface and Materials Science:

in-situ UHV chamber RT- 1500 K; 10-10 - 10-5 mbar in-situ oxidation; chamber RT - 900 K, 10-9 - 2000 mbar in-situ solid state

electrochemistry chamber RT - 900 K 10-9 -1000 mbar, needle tip to contact local sample areas together with optical microscope

For Electrochemistry:

hanging meniscus cell, flow cell, setup for in-situ rotating disc electrode experiments, in-situ HE XRD and FT IRRAS setup


• spot size: 12x0.3 mm2 (HxV)
• divergence: 0.4 mrad (V)
• type: theta-2theta scans
• control software: SPEC
• detectors: Point detector or Strip detector (Mythen)

Six-circle Diffractometer

• spot size: 0.25x0.25 mm2 (HxV)
• divergence: 5x5 mrad2 (HxV)
• type: full reciprocal space access
• control software: SPEC
• detectors: Point detector or Strip detector (Mythen)

Contact: Dr. Vedran Vonk
Tel. +49 (0)40 - 8998 6012