X-ray Physics and Nanoscience (DESY NanoLab)

Leading Scientist: Prof. Andreas Stierle

The research team "X-Ray Physics and Nanoscience" performs in-house research in the fields of catalytic reactions on nanomaterials, nanoscale phenomena, and oxide surfaces and interfaces. In addition, it operates the DESY NanoLab, a facility to support photon science user experiments by providing on-site auxiliary characterization and synthesis techniques. It is academically affiliated with the University of Hamburg, Physics Department, Institute for Nanostructure and Solid State Physics (INF).


Research Highlights


We investigate the atomic scale properties of surfaces, interfaces and nanostructured materials from ultra-high vacuum to technologically and environmentally relevant conditions such as atmospheric gas pressures, elevated temperatures or electro-magnetic fields. We employ in-situ x-ray diffraction and spectroscopy schemes making use of the exceptional properties of advanced x-ray sources. Our experimental campaigns at large scale facilities are complemented by in-house experiments using state-of-the art scanning probe microscopy, spectroscopy and nanofabrication instruments. The following research topics are currently under investigation:

We kindly invite interested students of chemistry, physics and nano science to contact us about suitable topics for Bachelor and Master thesis and consultation. Students of other fields are encouraged to apply as well. Topic adjustments can be made.