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Measuring station P06 at PETRA III

The DESY Photon Science division is centred on the research with advanced photon sources and the further development of new experimental techniques and the underlying theories.

PETRA III, the synchrotron source on-site, generates brilliant hard X-ray radiation for investigating samples on the atomic scale. FLASH, a free-electron laser, produces ultrashort pulses in the soft X-ray range for probing dynamical processes in matter. DESY is also the main shareholder of the European XFEL, which will complement the existing research facilities. Together, these light sources offer an abundance of interdisciplinary research possibilities for studying the detailed structure, dynamics and function of matter.

PETRA III, FLASH and on-site facilities attract over 3000 scientific users from over 40 countries every year to perform experiments at their beamlines. To stay competitive the experiments as well as the photon facilities themselves are being continuously upgraded and extended. In-house research is a major driving force for these enhancements of the light sources. It is a fundamental basis for the development of advanced techniques in both experiment and theory to exploit the full potential of brilliant X-ray and new laser sources. In combining the expertise of the groups at PETRA III, FLASH and in-house research, DESY Photon Science provides a worldwide unique range of scientific know-how and research possibilities.