Surface Spectroscopy

FT-IR Vacuum-spectrometer (VERTAX 80v, Bruker Optik Gmbh, Germany)

UHV-RAIRS Instrument

XPS instrument (Specs, Germany)

XP peak showing different elements of the sample

Responsible: Dr. Heshmat Noei

Ultra-high vacuum-reflection absorption IR spectroscopy (UHV-RAIRS)

Vibrational spectroscopic study at grazing incidence on well-defined solid surfaces is doable using RAIRS. The unique feature of our IR apparatus is the entirely evacuated optical path to avoid background signals from gas phase species.


• External MCT detector for RAIRS measurements on well-ordered solid surfaces.

• s and p polarizer beam.

• Internal DTG detector for Fourier-transform IR spectroscopy (FTIRS) on powder surfaces.

• In-situ measurements at variable pressure range: 10-10 mbar < P < 1 bar.

• In-situ measurements at variable temperature range: 100 K < T < 600 K (liquid N2 cooling).

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS)

XPS is performed by bombarding a sample with mono energetic soft x-rays, causing core-level photoelectrons to be ejected from the sample. The binding energy and intensity of a photoelectron peak provide information about elemental identity, chemical state, and quantity of an element. XPS probes the surface and gives qualitative data from two to about twenty layers deep, depending on the material, the energy of the photoelectrons concerned, and the angle with respect to the surface of the measurement.


• Quantitative elemental analysis of surfaces and chemical analysis.

• Variable temperature range: 100 K < T < 1000 K (liquid N2 cooling).

• Variable pressure range: 10-10 mbar < P < 10-4 mbar.

• PHOIBOS 150 2D-DLD Elevated Pressure Energy Analyzer equipped with differential pumping system.

• Laser Pointer for sample positioning and alignment.

• Monochromated X-Ray source FOCUS 500 equipped with differential pumping system.

• Flood Gun FG 15/40.

• Ion source.

• Depth profiling sputter gun.

• Load lock.


Contact: Dr. Heshmat Noei

Phone: +49 (0)40 - 8998-6011