DESY launches photon science teacher training programme


Participating teachers and researchers of the "Lehrerfortbildung@DESY”.

DESY launched a teacher training programme "Lehrerfortbildung@DESY” in the field of research with light. During the autumn vacations, eight teachers from the greater area of Hamburg take part in a one week training course. They will be directly integrated into current research projects, including among others the brilliant X-ray light generated at DESY’s particle accelerators. From now on, this teacher training course will be offered every year in the autumn vacations and will be developed programmatically, if the feedback is positive.

“Human curiosity is the basis for discoveries and innovation,” said DESY Director Professor Helmut Dosch. “The seeds for this kind of fascination and the curiosity are already sown in school, particularly by inspired and committed teachers. With our teacher training project, we want to do both, introduce the inspiration and fascination of current research into the schools and offer the opportunity to teachers to participate in our highly topical research even after graduation.”

The “Lehrerfortbildung@DESY“ programme was designed by DESY photon scientists in collaboration with the DESY school-lab "Physik.Begreifen" in Hamburg. During the research week, the teachers for example investigate the changes over time in molecules induced by the ultra-short pulse laser FLASH, and structural properties of nanomaterials. At the same time, with presentations, guided tours and discussions with scientists, the participants gain a broad insight into the research centre ranging among the top class international institutes. At panel discussions with scientists, the participants are offered the opportunity to talk about research themes and to jointly develop ideas for the design of lessons.

“With this concept, we want to motivate and provide subject teachers with pedagogical knowledge, which will enhance their lessons with current science themes,” said Professor Robin Santra, coordinator of this teacher training programme. “The teachers who definitely have an influence on the course selection of their pupils are capable of communicating them the fun and fascination of modern science.”  

(from DESY News)

Link  to Article of the Initiative Naturwissenschaft & Technik NaT in Hamburg: "Eine Woche voller Photonen: Lehrerfortbildung am DESY" (in German).