Civil construction of extension halls started after shutdown of PETRA III

PETRA III Extenison

Civil construction site PETRA III Extension North.

PETRA III Extension

Civil construction site PETRA III Extension East.

PETRA III Extension

Map of the PETRA Extension hall North and East on the DESY campus (on either side of the curved PETRA III ‘Max von Laue’ experimental hall).

The civil construction of the two new PETRA III extension halls for additional 10 beamlines has just begun on the DESY campus, requiring the complete removal of the storage ring including the concrete ring tunnel at the sites of the new halls.
The overall extension project comprises two new experimental halls on either side of the present large ‘Max von Laue’ hall. These halls in the North and East are making use of the long straight sections and the adjacent arcs of the PETRA III storage ring. By modifying the storage ring lattice additional insertion devices for 5 beamlines in each hall can be accommodated.
The modified storage ring will be re-installed starting in August 2014 and the commissioning of the machine is planned to start in December 2014. The restart of the user operation at the existing beamlines P01-P14 in the Max von Laue experimental hall is planned for March 2015. Commissioning of the first two new beamlines P64/P65 in PETRA III extension hall North is planned to start in fall 2015.
Further Information: PETRA III extension project webpage