Structure of the Proposal, Templates

The regular proposals for PETRA III and FLASH have to to be prepared according to the following structure:

1. Scientific background
2. Motivation for the proposal
3. Own previous work at PETRA III
4. Experimental plan
    a) Justification of beamline requested
     b) Justification of beamtime requested
     c) samples & safety related issues
     d) technical information (if applicable)
     e) planned collaborations at FLASH (for FLASH proposals only)
     f) possible start of your experiment at FLASH (for FLASH proposals only)

5. Results expected and their impact
6. References related to the proposal scientific text

Own publications based on previous PETRA III beamtimes have to be registered as part of the DOOR submission procedure using DOI or PubMed IDs.

PLEASE NOTE that for PETRA III long term projects as well as for BAG proposals for PETRA III beamlines P02.1 and P11 additional/slightly different information is needed (see templates for more information).

PETRA III & FLASH proposal template (Word)
PETRA III regular proposal template (Word)
PETRA III long term project (LTP) template
Block Allocation Group proposals (BAG) for PETRA III
FLASH proposal template (Word)

Content of the Proposal

Please consult the templates provided above for each specific proposal type for further information on the required content.