India@DESY user information

How to apply for beamtime at PETRA III?

Indian users who wish to conduct experiments at PETRA III within the context of India@DESY have to submit proposals upon the regular Call for Proposals. The proposals will be reviewed by the India@DESY review panel.
For detailed information on the application procedure and the administrative preparation of your experiment please consult our Users' Guide.

Detailed information

Visa application and Travel reimbursement

If you need an invitation letter for your VISA application, please fill in the personal information form (ready for download on the right hand column of this page) and send it to the

       DESY Photon Science User Office via

Travel costs for Indian Users are administrated and reimbursed by the Indian Partner under the DST-DESY project.

Please send detailed information about all participants of a scheduled experiment at PETRA III also to

For support and detailed information on the travel cost reimbursement regulations please contact