Calls & Deadlines


New FLASH experimental hall "Kai Siegbahn".


Inside view of the PETRA III extension hall " Paul P. Ewald" in the North (September 2016)


Outside view of the PETRA III extension hall "Ada Yonath" in the East (September 2016).

PETRA hall

PETRA III experimental hall "Max von Laue" (May 2013).

PETRA III Beamlines (without P12-P14)

The call for proposals for PETRA III beamlines P01-P11 at PETRA III and for P64 & P65 at the PETRA III extension at is currently open.
The deadline for the submission is Wednesday, 1 March 2017 (inclusive).

The call for proposals for Long-Term Projects (LTP) at PETRA III beamlines is currently closed. The next call for LTPs will be published mid of 2017.

BAG proposals for protein crystallography experiments at PETRA III beamline P11
From now on we offer the possibility to submit Block Allocation Group proposals (BAG) for beamline P11 to support long-term cooperation of working groups in the field of protein crystallography.
Detailed information on this new proposal type is provided here.


The call for proposals for experiments at FLASH at DESY is open.
This call relates to the run period January to June 2018.
Deadline for proposal submission is Saturday 1 April 2017.

The call for proposals for FLASH is published twice a year. The deadline is regularly on 1 April and 1 October of each year.

how to prepare your proposal
PETRA III beamlines P12 - P14 (EMBL)