Travel Cost Reimbursement

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Users from German universities can apply for travel cost reimbursement for their trip to DESY after their research proposal has been accepted and beamtime has been allocated.
Users from universities in EU and EU-associated countries can apply for reimbursement of their overnight stays in the DESY Hostel related to an allocated beamtime.

A maximum number of three participants are eligible for reimbursement. Instead of travel reimbursement you can also apply for sample shipment costs.

Application for reimbursement:
An application for travel/hostel/sample shipment reimbursement has to be submitted via DOOR prior to your trip to DESY! This application has to be submitted by the Principal Investigator for a maximum number of 3 participants. Persons who are not listed in this application are not eligible for travel reimbursement!

Reimbursement documents have to be handed in to the User Office not later than 6 months after the end of the business trip! This deadline cannot be extended due to legal reasons!
Forms for Travel Reimbursement have to be collected at the User Office, the form for shipment reimbursement can be downloaded on the right hand side.

Please send the documents to:

DESY Photon Science User Office
Bldg. 94/ Room O1.013
Notkestrasse 85
22607 Hamburg

Detailed information on the regulations for the different user groups are given below. In case you have further questions concerning the application procedures please contact the DESY Photon Science User Office.

Users from German Universities

Limited funds are available for user groups from German universities whose activities at DESY Photon Science is not supported by any other funding source. Users affiliated with BMWA, EMBL, FhG, HGF, MPG und WGL institutes are not eligible for travel reimbursement.
For detailed information pease consult:

CALIPSOplus - EU user travel funding TERMINATED 31 October 2021

After 31 October 2021 no funds will be available for the travel reimbursement of EU users from the CALIPSOplus project.

Upon request via DOOR, DESY and Hereon will cover the costs for the DESY Hostel for a maximum number of three participants from Universities per proposal. This applies only to proposals with "EC" identifier in the proposal ID (i.e. the leader is affiliated with an institution in an EU or EU associated country). The application for reimbursement has to be submitted by the Project Leader before the experiment.
For detailed information please consult:

NFFA Users

NFFA is a project funded by the Horizon 2020 EU Funding Programme of the European Commission. Users with an approved NFFA proposal and a confirmed access to the DESY NanoLab and/or a corresponding beamtime at PETRA III are eligible for travel cost reimbursement for up to two participants.

For detailed information please consult: