EU User Reimbursement - payment of DESY Hostel

Travel cost reimbursement via CALIPSOplus has terminated on 31. October 2021.

Instead, DESY will cover only the

       • DESY Hostel costs for up to 3 users from European universities per beamtime
       • alternatively sample shipment for mail-in experiments or remote access .

Costs for travel or daily allowance cannot be reimbursed anymore.
The reimbursement for hostel or shipment costs has to be requested via DOOR before the beamtime by the PI of each proposal.

Eligibility requirements for DESY Hostel reimbursement

The reimbursement is limited to

  • EU users participating in a beamtime allocated for a project lead by a user from an EU or EU-associated country (DESY proposal ID ending with "EC" (e.g. I-20120123 EC)
  • a maximum of three travellers per beamtime
  • the project leader and group members work at Universities in an EU or an EU associated country*
  • overnight stays in the DESY Hostel. No support for travel or daily allowance is granted. Shipment of samples can be requested alternatively to DESY Hostel payment.
  • the period of the scheduled beamtime plus appropriate preparation and post-processing time (max 1 day before and after beamtime)

* Researchers from Universities in the following countries may be supported: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden. EU associated countries (H2020): Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina,Faroe Islands, FYR of Macedonia , Georgia, Iceland, Israel, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey, Switzerland, Ukraine

How to apply for DESY Hostel reimbursement

An application for DESY Hostel reimbursement has to be submitted prior to the experiment. The Principal Investigator (PI) of a proposal with approved beamtime is requested to fill in the application for EU travel reimbursement in DOOR under "Application for travel reimbursement" --> "Non-German users from EU countries participating in EC projects".

For this purpose it is required that all participating group members have registered in DOOR beforehand. After processing by the DESY Photon Science User Office you will be notified about the status of your application via email. The DESY Hostel costs will directly covered by us for the persons and periods listed in the confirmation mail.

CALIPSOplus - How to get reimbursed for beamtimes before 31. October 2021

  • Pick up a form "Travel Expense Statement" for each participant at the User Office, Bldg. 94/ Room O1.013. Every group member is expected to fill in a Travel Expense Statement form properly. These forms are not available for download.
  • Do not forget to pay the bill for your stay at the DESY Hostel. You need to submit the original invoice and receipt of payment for the reimbursement of your travel expenses.
  • Please note that we can only reimburse invoices and tickets in original format as we have to follow the German Travel Law! If your travel and accommodation are going to  booked and paid by your university, please contact us via
  • Hotel invoices: Please do not forget to provide the written rejections by the DESY Hostel. Breakfast meals, which exceed € 4.80, will be reimbursed only if the invoice is issued to the reimbursing institute (DESY) and referenced to your name. .
  • After the beamtime, the form “Confirmation of Beamtime” has to be generated by the principal investigator of the proposal (available via the travel reimbursement request in DOOR) and signed by the project leader.
  • Please submit the documents of all participants collectively, thereby helping us to handle the reimbursement efficiently. Enclose all original receipts (no food/restaurant receipts) and tickets (in case of e-tickets, include the boarding cards and a copy of the electronic booking confirmation) for travel and accommodation as well as the completed "Confirmation of Beamtime" and send the documents to the:

    DESY Photon Science User Office
    Bldg. 94/ Room O1.013
    Notkestrasse 85
    22607 Hamburg
  • Please note that your travel expense statement with all documents must not be submitted later than 6 months after your experiment. According to German law, delayed submissions cannot be considered for reimbursement.

Reporting requirements for reimbursement granted via CALIPSOplus

As recipient of financial travel support from CALIPSOplus via DESY Photon Science you are obliged to meet the EU reporting requirements:

  • Please submit your Experimental Report and User Feedback via DOOR three months after your experiment at the latest.
  • The project leader is requested to fill in the H2020 Research Infrastructures: User group questionnaire. The Number and Acronym of the EC Grant Agreement to be indicated in field (1) is 730872 CALIPSOplus. The User Project Acronym to be indicated in field (2) comprises DESY-D plus DESY Photon Science Proposal ID. For example: DESY-D-I-2017001 EC
  • Acknowledge DESY and the European Community in all publications (articles, posters, talks etc.) based on experiments at DESY Photon Science if a reimbursement has been granted. Please include the following statements:

"Parts of this research were carried out at "beamline/facility" at DESY, a member of the Helmholtz Association (HGF). We would like to thank N.N. for assistance during the experiment (if not co-author of the publication)"

"The research leading to this result has been supported by the project CALIPSOplus under the Grant Agreement 730872 from the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation HORIZON 2020"

  • Register all your publications based on the results obtained in the frame of the supported project in the DESY Publications Database (accessible via DOOR) under specification of your DESY Photon Science proposal ID and the Grant "CALIPSOplus".