Experimental Reports & Beamtime Feedback


For each experiment session carried out at DESY Photon Science light sources a short Experimental Report is required. The report must not exceed 1 DIN A4 page in length and should adress the questions listed in the report's template and briefly summarize the performed experiment. It has to be submitted via DOOR three months after completion of the experiment at the latest.
These Experimental Reports will not be published. They will be accessible to the DESY Photon Science Management, the User Office and the respective beamline manager. In addition, they will be considered by the Project Review Panels during the proposal review.

Template Experimental Report
Please use this template for your experimental report!


In addition to the Experimental Report users are also requested to fill in the mandatory User Feedback Form also accessible via DOOR. This feedback will help to improve the facilities and services provided by DESY Photon Science.