Attendant Record at DESY Photon Science and European XFEL Users‘ Meeting

DESY Photon Science Users' meeting

DESY Photon Science Users' meeting in the Auditorium.

This year’s users’ meeting of DESY photon science and the European X-ray free-electron laser European XFEL set up a new participant record. Roughly 800 attendants came together with other users, students and scientists from 23 to 25 January 2013 to get the latest news about the advances in the construction of the European XFEL and the newest developments at DESY’s light sources FLASH and PETRA III.

Priorities of the meeting were future measuring instruments at the European XFEL as well as at the extensions of DESY’s light sources FLASH and PETRA III among other things. In addition to that latest scientific findings were presented in satellites and a joint poster session. The junior scientists also had the possibility to get information about current job opportunities at the European XFEL. Europe’s new X-ray free-electron laser, where DESY is a main partner, is planned to start running 2015.

(from: DESY News)