PETRA III runs with a beam current of 100 mA (Nov. 2010)

PETRA III status

Status monitor of PETRA III: the facility runs for days at a constant current of 100 mA.

Last week, PETRA III was running with a positron beam current of 100 milliamperes (mA) during user operation for the first time. With this, the brilliant synchrotron radiation source has reached the final stage of its design values.

A total of 240 positron bunches, combined to groups of four, rush through the 2.3-kilometre ring, each at 130 000 times per second. Top-up operation keeps the beam current on a constant level of one percent for days, ranging between 99 and 100 milliamperes, now uninterrupted for more than 70 hours.

The upgrade of two additional beamlines has been concluded, so that after the PETRA III service week, 9 of 14 PETRA beamlines will be in operation. Currently, three beamlines P08, P09, and P10 are available for regular user operation.

Right now, the evaluation of the applications for the next user run has come to an end. Starting in March 2011, after a planned winter shutdown, about 50 user groups will have the opportunity to experiment at five PETRA beamlines.

(...from DESY News)

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