Röntgen Medal for Helmut Dosch (Apr. 2010)

H. Dosch

Helmut Dosch (Chairman of the DESY Board of Directors) was awarded the Röntgen Medal 2010.

The Chairman of the DESY Board of Directors, Professor Helmut Dosch, has been awarded the Röntgen Medal 2010 of the city of Remscheid. He received the medal for his ground-breaking work in the field of surface-sensitive X-ray scattering. He made decisive contributions to the fact that today X-ray scattering is used as a method in surface science.

Every year, the city of Remscheid, the birth place of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, awards the Röntgen Medal to persons who have rendered outstanding services to promote and disseminate in science and in practice the discoveries made by Röntgen.

The award celebration of the medal took place on 24 April during a ceremonial act in Remscheid. Award winner Helmut Dosch is thus getting in line with top-class scientists. Former laureates for example were Arthur Holly Compton, William Laurence Bragg and Rolf Wideroe.

(...from DESY News, 21 April 2010)

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