Write a Proposal

In order to apply for a project and receive beamtime at one of our facilities you have to submit a research proposal via the DESY Online Office for Research with Photons DOOR. Please consult the information given here and carefully follow the guidelines for proposal preparation. Please note that there are different procedures for scientific users and users from industry. Latter should refer to the section dedicated to industrial users.

We accept "complementary experiment proposals" created via wayforlight for PETRA III and FLASH. For application please create a PDF via the wayforlight-webpage and contact us via door@desy.de
The submission has to be within the regular deadlines for proposal submission of FLASH and PETRA III, respectively.

PETRA III beamlines 12-14

Users who are interested in working at the PETRA III beamlines 12-14 have to prepare their proposal according to EMBL guidelines and have to submit it via the EMBL User Portal.