Deadlines for Proposal Submission

Registered DOOR users will be informed about calls and deadlines by e-mail.

PETRA III beamlines (without EMBL P12-P14)

regular proposals

The call for regular proposals for experiments at PETRA III is currently open.
The deadline for proposal submission is 2 September 2019 (inclusive).

This call relates to the first run period in 2020 (January to July 2020).
Proposals can be submitted for PETRA III beamlines P01-P11, P21-P24, and P64-P65.

LTP and BAG proposals

The call for proposals for Long-Term Projects (LTP) and Block Allocation Group (BAG) at PETRA III beamlines is currently closed.
The next call for LTP and BAG will be open n December 2019.

NEW: Rapid Access at P02.1 at PETRA III (Powder Diffraction and Total Scattering Beamline)

The Powder Diffraction and Total Scattering Beamline, P02.1, will be offering a rapid access in near future. This planned access route will allow users to send capillary mounted polycrystalline samples to DESY for measurement by beamline staff.

As soon as the submission procedure for rapid access proposals is implemented we will inform all users via DOOR.

Proposals will be reviewed on their scientific merit, technical feasibility and also on genuine need of rapid access (e.g. a measurement needed to complete a paper or a scientifically interesting study, which requires less than 2 shifts of normal beamtime).

If you have any technical questions relating to a rapid access proposal, please contact or other P02.1 beamline staff.


The call for proposals for experiments at FLASH at DESY is open.
Deadline for proposal submission is 1 October 2019 (inclusive).
This call relates to the run period July to December 2020.

how to prepare your proposal
PETRA III beamlines P12 - P14 (EMBL)

NFFA proposals

For the next submission deadline, detailed regulations and for proposal submission please visit the NFFA website

At present NFFA quota for access to PETRA III beamlines is exhausted, access to DESY NanoLab can still be applied for.