Deadlines for Proposal Submission

Registered DOOR users will be informed about calls and deadlines by e-mail.

PETRA III beamlines (without P12-P14)

regular proposals

The call for regular proposals for experiments at PETRA III is currently open.
The deadline for proposal submission is Friday 1 March 2019 (inclusive).

This call relates to the second run period in 2019 (July to December 2019).
Proposals for PETRA III can be submitted for beamlines P01 to P11, P21 to P24, P64 and P65.
The rheometer setup at P10 is not available for user experiments.
Beamline P21 went into operation only recently and users are strongly requested to discuss technical requirements with the beamline staff prior to proposal submission.

BAG proposals and LTP

The call for proposals for Long-Term Projects (LTP) and Block Allocation Group (BAG) at PETRA III beamlines is currently closed.
The next call for LTP and BAG will be open from 17 December 2018 until 15 January 2019.
Available beamlines will be announced as soon as possible.


The call for proposals for experiments at FLASH at DESY is open.
Deadline for proposal submission is Monday 1 April 2019 (inclusive).
This call relates to the run period January to July 2020.

how to prepare your proposal
PETRA III beamlines P12 - P14 (EMBL)

NFFA proposals

Next deadlines for submission of NFFA proposals are:
15 January 2019
15 April 2019

For details and proposal submission please visit the NFFA website