Developments and Activities

In-vacuum undulator in the lab.
In-vacuum undulator in the lab
Developments for PETRA IV:

Developments for FLASH2020+ :

Other projects Development of customized magnetic sensors and magnetic measurement tools:
  • Hall probe calibration
  • Pick up coils and position sensors
  • Design of dedicated measurement electronics
  • Single magnet characterization

Tuning algorithms and sorting schemes

Magnet structure design and optimization:

  • Magnetostatic calculations
  • Spectral calculations

Development of control system hard- and software:

  • Encoder systems and implementation of correctors
  • Interfaces to global and experiment control systems

Magnetic characterization of auxiliary components:

  • e.g. corrector coils, phase shifters, quadrupoles

Dosimetry at installed components

Support mechanics

Maintenance of currently operating undulators