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  • The Petra III experiments are controlled by Tango, the hardware access and transport layer, and Sardana for the user interfaces including CLI, scripting and GUIs. A document describing the DESY-specific Sardana implementation can be found here.
  • Tango servers are written for all devices employed by Petra III experiments.
  • FS-EC is the mediator between FS and DESY-IT in the data management area. The main parts are data transfer, data storage, data archive, data export and data processing.
  • ICS is a Web interfaces to operate the personal safety interlock system at the beamlines.
  • DOOR, the DESY Online Office for Research with Photons supports all steps necessary to submit proposals and to apply for beamtimes. This service is a collaboration with DESY-IT.
  • The electronics subgroup provides various services for the DESY-FS, including new developments.
  • Support for PC hardware and selected VME modules and other devices.
  • LaVue is the standard 2D visualization tool for the Petra III experiments. It includes many useful features.
  • A c++ NeXus library including Python bindings and related tools has been created and is further being developed.
  • NeXus/HDF5 is currently being integrated into the experimental procedures, including the adaptation of modern high-speed detectors. Details can be found in the Sardana NeXus Recorder  chapter of this manual.
  • Various analysis tools are available for Photon Science users.
  • OS support: FS-EC uses DESY-IT services to prepare ready-to-use Windows and Linux PCs. Specific applications are installed on request. Experiment PCs require a management of the control software.
  • Various members of FS-EC function as DESY group administrators.
  • A weekly meeting facilitates the communication between BL staff and FS-EC.
  • Various IT and Experiment Control related topics are covered in DESY Confluence.
  • Users may report issues to a request tracker.