The FS-US Magnetic Measurement Lab

Magnetic measurement bench
magnetic measurement bench
Hall-probe and pick-up coil
Hall-probe and pick-up coil

The FS-US undulator lab provides a variety of magnetic and mechanical measurement tools in an air-conditioned environment. Before installation in the accelerator tunnel each insertion device needs to be carefully characterized and tuned to meet the stringent specifications of accelerator division and experiment. The primary tools are a two granite benches equipped with a Hall-probe and a pick-up coil mounted on a goniometer to spatially resolve local magnetic field distributions, main features are:

  • 2 granite benches, 12 m and 6.5 m long, 10 µm flatness,
  • Hall sensors, dynamic range: 10-5 , 200 Hz sampling rate,
  • pickup coils with an active area of approx. 0.2 m²,
  • temperature stability of ± 0.2 K
  • stretched, moving wire setup for field integral measurements

Other tools for local and integral magnetic measurements are under present development, e.g. a pulsed wire setup, a rotating coil, or a compact Hall-probe carriage for IVUs. Other tools available in the lab are:

  • NMR magnetometer for Hall probe calibration,
  • laser interferometer for encoder system survey,
  • touch probe for using the bench as a 3D measuring machine,
  • several hand-held magnetic sensors.