Oxide Surfaces and Interfaces


Oxide surfaces, interfaces and nanostructures play an important role in energy conversion processes, as protective coating materials or insulating barriers in nanoelectronic devices. The physical and chemical properties of oxide surfaces depend strongly on the surrounding environment such as oxygen pressure and temperature. We use surface sensitive x-ray diffraction techniques in combination with spectroscopy and scanning microscopy methods to investigate the atomic structure and chemical composition of oxide surfaces and interfaces under working conditions as a function of the external parameters.

Current research fields

  • Atomic structure of solid oxide fuel cell model electrodes under operation conditions
  • Interplay between oxide surfaces and bulk defects
  • Metal adsorption on oxide surfaces
  • Structure – property relations in thin oxide films
  • Adsorption of molecules on oxide surfaces


Dr. Vedran Vonk
Dr. Heshmat Noei
Prof. Dr. Andreas Stierle

Project(s) involved

DFG funded subproject in Austrian SFB Functional Oxide Surfaces and Interfaces (FOXSI)


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