Nanoscale Phenomena


At the nanoscale, physical and chemical properties of materials may vary as compared to their bulk counterparts. Size, as well as shape dependent changes may occur, which call for an in-depth structural and compositional characterization. Our goal is a combined investigation of nanoscale phenomena by synchrotron and laboratory based methods. We study the transition from large ensembles towards individual nanostructures allowing a one-to-one correlation between atomic structure and nanoscale properties.

Current research fields

  • Oxidation in confinement
  • Structure and formation of 2D nanoparticle superlattices on graphene
  • Polymer based nanostructures
  • Semiconductor nanostructures


Priv. Doz. Dr. Thomas Keller

Dr. Vedran Vonk

Prof. Dr. Andreas Stierle

Project(s) involved

NFFA, BMBF Project NanoXcat, HELIOS


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