Micro and Nanostructures

Scanning electron micrograph of a nanostructured DESY Logo with a diameter of 3 micrometer.


We are experienced in micro and nanostructure fabrication. Lithographic techniques include laser and e-beam lithography. Laterally structured samples are mainly used for X-ray scattering from nanostructures or for electrical characterization of microstructures.

Samples for X-ray experiments are often demanding in terms of their layer thickness or lateral dimensions that should be on the order of the used X-ray wavelength of a nanometer length scale. For scattering experiments, nanostructures often need aspect ratios where the lateral dimensions are smaller than the height of the structures because of the low interaction of X-ray radiation with matter. This aspect ratio makes their fabrication more difficult then typical nanostructures with small heigths. We are experienced in preparing those nanostructures for X-ray experiments.

The scanning electron micrograph (SEM) on the right shows a DESY logo made of gold prepared on a silicon nitride membrane. The gold logo is 100 nm in height. The smallest lateral features are about 70 nm.