Coherent X-ray Scattering

Welcome to the Coherent X-ray Scattering Group

We use coherent X-rays to study structure and dynamics of complex fluids and glasses and ultrashort processes in advanced materials. We perform experiments at synchrotron and free-electron laser sources including coherent small angle X-ray scattering and various pump-probe methods. We designed and constructed an X-ray split and delay unit for ultrafast X-ray pump X-ray probe experiments at FEL sources.

Research Highlights

Research Activities

Complex Liquids

In the research field “Complex Liquids” we study structure and dynamics of soft matter, in particular colloidal and aqueous systems. The main focus lies on coherent X-ray scattering experiments at modern synchrotron and free-electron laser sources.
These experiments are performed with custom-made sample systems synthesized in our group and are accompanied by different characterization methods (UV-Vis, DLS, TEM, …) as well as molecular dynamics, Brownian dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations.

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Ultrafast Dynamics

In the frame of this research project we study ultrafast phenomena using modern free electron x-ray sources. Our research portfolio includes investigations of ultrafast demagnetization, quenching of the resonant magnetic scattering signal, all optical switching, and development of novel and science enabling split-and-delay X-ray optics.
Our experiments are performed at various free-electron laser facilities including LCLS, SACLA, FERMI and FLASH. We have developed an end-station for pump–probe small-angle X-ray scattering experiments at FLASH. Static characterization of our sample systems via small-angle X-ray scattering and Fourier transform holography is performed at 3rd generation storage rings.

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In-House Synthesis

The in-house synthesis includes a broad range of nanomaterials, such as semiconductor, metal, dielectric, magnetic, polymeric particles of different sizes and shapes. The synthesis is carried out by wet chemical methods and results in nanostructures with a narrow size and shape distribution.

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The Team

Left to right: Donatella Rosetti, Verena Markmann, Wojciech Roseker, Torben Kalff, Andre Philippi-Kobs, Matthias Riepp, Dina Sheyfer, Joana Valerio, Leonard Müller, Lara Frenzel, Michael Walther, Avni Jain, Michael Koof, Felix Lehmkühler, Gerhard Grübel, Irina Lokteva, Rustam Rysov