Open Positions

Postdoc positions

Currently we do not have open postdoc positions.

PhD positions

We have open PhD positions from time to time. Please have a look at the DESY recruitment or contact us directly.

Bachelor and Master projects

We are constantly looking for bachelor and master students. We offer interesting projects, cutting edge research and state-of-the-art instrumentation. Please contact Ralf Röhlsberger if you are interested to do your bachelor or master project with us.

The projects can be in any of our research topics. Possible topics for bachelor or master projects are listet below:

- Thin film cavities for nuclear quantum optics.
In X-ray quantum optics thin film cavities are used to couple light and matter states. Due to the short wavelength of X-rays, the layers forming the cavity are on the order of nanometers. In the project the cavities will be optimized in terms of light matter interactions and of layer quality. Cavities will be produced by thin film preparation techniques where various parameters can influence the quality of the cavities. Analytical techniques like X-ray reflectometry and atomic force microscopy will be used to characterize the samples. Light matter interactions will be studied by means of resonant X-ray scattering at sychrotron beamlines.

- Magnetic anisotropy tuning in for magneto-resitive applications
Mangeto resistance is the effect of a change in the electrical resistance of a sample due to changes of the magnetization of the sample. Mangeto-resistive effects are used for information and sensor technologies. The magnetic anisotrpy, describing specific prefered directions of the magnetization in the sample, can be used to tailor such devices to the desired need. In this project we want to investigate how certain anisotropies an be used to increase the functionality of magneto-resistve devices.

- Spectroscopic properties of magnetic thin film elements
Magnetization dynamics in thin films or thin film elements are candidates for so-called magnonic or spintronics applications. Here, spin waves and spin transport are used as information carriers. We want to investigate the spectroscopic behaviour of micro and nanostructures to find novel applications. Thin film preparation and lithographic techniques are used to define the structures. The properties of spin waves are investigated with broadband electrical measurements.