Our research acitivities are distributed over two different research fields

1) Magnetism and magnetic dynamics of thin films, multilayers and

     a) New deposition techniques for precision spintronics and novel types of

     b) Depth-resolved magnetic structure of exchange-coupled thin films and

     c) Magnetism of self-assembled arrays of stripes, dots, and antidots

     d) Spinwave excitation in patterned magnetic nanostructures
         (project within the CUI in collaboration with the group of Guido Meier,
          Max Planck Institue for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter, Hamburg)

2) Fundamentals of resonant light-matter interaction at x-ray energies:

     a) Cooperative effects in resonant scattering from nuclei
         (Superradiance, collective Lamb shift)

    b) X-ray Quantum Optics with Nuclei (Electromagnetically Induced Transparency,
        spontaneously generated coherences)

    c) Exploring the collective strong coupling limit in nuclear quantum optics