New FLASH Brochure online available at DESY

FLASH Booklet

In the new FLASH brochure (52 pages/plus further information on CD-ROM), the novel technologies and the free-electron laser principle are explained on a level which should be useful to graduate students, but also to scientists who may become interested in using this new tool for their own research.

The brochure therefore describes the properties of the radiation, the diagnostic tools and the layout of the experimental hall of FLASH, followed by first scientific results which have already attracted worldwide attention. In line with the fact that the development of free-electron lasers and their usage is only just beginning and new ideas come up all the time, the brochure finishes with a chapter on the perspectives for further upgrades and new possibilities for the FLASH users.

In addition, the relevant papers on work at FLASH are listed at the end of the brochure and compiled in the attached CD-ROM.

(Copy deadline: May 2007)

FLASH Brochure online