Long-term Projects (LTP) at PETRA III

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Long-Term Projects at PETRA III

A limited number of Long-Term Projects (LTP) at PETRA III are available for external user groups as well as for PETRA-external DESY groups who wish to contribute substantially to the development of beamline and experiment instrumentation in accordance with the strategic goals of DESY Photon Science.

Users are strongly requested to discuss any planned LTP in detail with the respective beamline manager before submission.
Proposals for LTP have to be submitted during the separate call for Long-Term Projects for PETRA III experiments which will be opened before the regular call for proposals. If accepted, LTP will be valid for two years and 72 shifts distributed over four consecutive beamtime applications at the respective beamline, of which the first has to be submitted along with the proposal. Similar to regular proposals LTP are valid for one beamline only.

Evaluation by DESY Photon Science Management

First, LTP applications will be evaluated by the DESY Photon Science Management in order to verify whether or not
• the project is in accordance with the goals of DESY Photon Science and related developments at PETRA III
• the project is technically feasible and complies with DESY safety regulations
• the commitment of resources by the user is adequate
• the required DESY resources are available

If the LTP is not approved by the DESY Photon Science management, the applicants will be informed before the deadline of the call for regular proposals to allow for a resubmission as regular proposal.

If approved by the DESY Photon Science management, the proposal will be passed on to the Project Review Panel (PRP) review process. LTP applicants will be informed about the outcome of the review after the PRP meetings by the User Office.

The DESY Photon Science management finally accepts or rejects LTPs based on the recommendations of the Project Review Panels (PRPs).

Application for following LTP beamtimes

The remaining beamtimes can be applied for during subsequent PETRA III LTP call periods. For each beamtime carried out in the frame of your LTP you have to submit an experimental report. This report is due 3 months after the experiment and has to be submitted via DOOR. Based on the experimental report(s), the progress of the LTP will be evaluated by the respective PRP. Please note that in case due reports are missing, the application for beamtime will not be considered.
In well justified cases, users may apply for a project extension of up to one year.

Summarized information on LTP:

  • valid for 2 years and a maximum of 72 shifts distributed over four beamtime applications at one beamline (with an exceptional option for extension by up to one year)
  • first beamtime has to be applied for along with proposal submission
  • proposal is restricted to 4 DIN A4 Pages, template has to be used
  • subsequent beamtime applications have to be accompanied by experimental report(s) on preceding beamtime(s) and can only be submitted during call periods. Applications without experimental report will be rejected.

PLEASE NOTE: If the LTP is not approved, it will not automatically be considered as regular proposal but will be rejected!

Template for Long-Term Projects (LTP) for PETRA III beamlines
Template for Long-Term Projects for PETRA III beamlines