What to do after your beamtime at DESY Photon Science?

  • Immediately after your beamtime is over, the project leader should contact the person responsible for the respective station(s).
  • Please clean up the working area and restore to the condition found upon you arrival
  • Before departure users are asked to consult their local contact person at DESY Photon Science
  • Please keep your DACHS card for future visits at DESY Photon Science
  • Please take or send back all your samples (chemicals, equipment, waste etc.) to your home institution or dispose the material properly.
  • Please do not forget to collect and pay the bill(s) of the DESY hostel (or alternative accommodation) even in case you’ve applied for reimbursement of your travel expenses.
Hostel and telephone bills can be paid in cash (Euro) at the DESY cash office "DEGUSSA Bank" (Bldg. 9, Room 10 - at the entrance to the canteen) or per money transfer (German Banking System) or Credit Card.

The DEGUSSA Bank is open
Mo-Mi 9:00-11:30 and 12:15 -16:00 / Do 9:00-11:30 and 12:15-17:00 / Fr 9:00-11:30 and 12:15-14:30.

  • Your feedback In order to improve our service we rely on comments and suggestions by our users. Therefore we'd like to ask you to please fill in the "User feedback" form in DOOR. Your feedback will be forwarded to the beamline manager and the Users' Office. For comments that should be treated confidential please contact the DESY Photon Science User Committee (DPS-UC) via e-mail. Thank you in advance.