What to do before the Beamtime?

at least 4 weeks before your arrival at DESY for the experiment the principal investigator (PI) has to log in to DOOR and

  • register all experimenters who will come to DESY
  • complete the online safety training (via DOOR)
  • fill in the "Declaration of Substances and Apparatus"
  • register the use of lasers (if applicable)
  • fill in the "Request for the Use of the Chemistry Laboratory" (if applicable)
  • apply for travel reimbursement (via DOOR) (if applicable)

Please do not forget to

  • book accommodation in DESY Hostel
  • bring your DACHS card obtained during an earlier visit to DESY

Project leaders should contact the assigned local contact at DESY Photon Science well in advance in order to discuss specific requirements and instrumentations of the planned experiment and to allow local staff to prepare the experimental stations in time. This will help to ensure that users can make best use of the beamtime allocated for their experiment.

The Photon Science management has taken all precautions to ensure safe working conditions. In order to get acquainted with the DESY safety regulations, each user has to register at the DESY Online Office for Research with Photons DOOR and complete the online safety training prior to the start of the experiments. It is recommended to get acquainted with the safety regulations and to complete the safety training before your arrival on site.

You are only allowed to access and work in certain areas (e.g., laboratories, experimental hutches) after having completed the appropriate
online instructions via DOOR and if you have received on-site instructions specific to your work task.

All experimenters have to fulfil the safety requirements to get access to the facilities!

You will find more detailed safety information (gas handling, etc.) on the DESY Photon Science infrastructure pages.

In case you carry samples personally for experiments to and from DESY, please inquire for effective regulations and required official documents at your home institution. Please note that there are special safety regulations for flights.

In addition, please check your medical insurance and liability insurance coverage before your stay at DESY Photon Science, especially if you come from a non-European country ( the DESY welcome services - international office provides further information)

If you need a visa for Germany, please keep in mind that you must apply for a visa as soon as possible but at least 6 - 8 weeks before your expected departure for Hamburg. The DESY Photon Science User Office will help you if you are in need of an invitation letter for the period of your experimental stay here in Hamburg. Please contact us via e-mail.