New THz beamline for pump probe experiments at FLASH (Spring 2008)

New far infrared beamline at FLASH

The new Terahertz (THz / FIR) beamline at FLASH

The new beam pipe was successfully tested at FLASH in January/February 2008. The nearly 70 metres long beamline transports very long wavelength radiation, so called far infrared/FIR or Terahertz /THz radiation, into the FLASH experimental hall. The radiation with a wavelength between 10 micrometres (30 THz) and 200 micrometres (1.5 THz) is generated in a special undulator installed in series to the VUV undulators in the accelerator tunnel. The THz beamline can be connected to one of the VUV beamlines at FLASH in a such a way that a THz pulse and a VUV pulse generated by the same electron bunch can be overlapped in time and space. In a proof of principle experiment, a team of scientists from DESY and the University of Hamburg showed that this worked.

Previous measurements carried out by DESY in cooperation with BESSY, the research centre Rossendorf, and the DLR have already shown that the THz pulses do indeed exhibit the predicted wavelength and high intensity. The coming months will be used for further characterising and commissioning of the THz beamline and the undulator, and to set up the facility for later user experiments.

The THz beamline will be presented to potential users at a workshop in September.

Published in: Infrared Physics & Technology, Volume 51, Issue 5, May 2008, p. 423-425

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