About 680 participants at the joint Users' Meeting at DESY (Jan. 2012)

Users Meeting

About 680 participants from 28 countries attended the European XFEL/HASYLAB Users' Meeting on 25–27 January 2012 in Hamburg. In a 3-day programme that was jointly organized by DESY and the European XFEL, current and future users of the DESY light sources FLASH, DORIS and PETRA III and of the X-ray laser European XFEL met to discuss new developments and opportunities.

A strong focus was on the application of free-electron lasers for structural biology and research at the new PETRA III beamlines. Topics discussed ranged from nanocrystallography to sample injection technologies, mathematical methods for data analysis as well as recent results from developments in X-ray microscopy and quantum optics.

The programme included a number of workshops, satellite meetings, group meetings, vendor exhibition and a poster session with almost 300 posters.

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HASYLAB Users' Meeting