Commissioning of the KB-mirror system at the Nanofocus Endstation

Kirkpatrick-Baez mirror system being installed at the Nanofocus Endstation

The new KB-mirror system purchased by the University of Kiel within the grant BMBF-05K10FK3 (project leader Christina Krywka) is now installed at the Nanofocus endstation of MINAXS and in-beam commissioning has begun. The mirror is designed to demagnify the intermediate focus generated by the CRL1 lens exchanger of MINAXS and is capable to provide a beam with a spot size of about 100x200 nm² at a large working distance of about 10 cm. The two fixed-profile elliptically shaped mirrors (manufactured by JTEC Osaka, Japan) have outstanding specifications: profile precision of max 1 nm (peak-to-valley) and roughness of max 1 Angström (rms).  Two different coatings ensure the mirrors’ usability throughout the entire energy range of the beamline.