What's Going on at the MINAXS Beamline?

19 September 2012

Angela Merkel visiting Nanofocus Endstation of MINAXS

During her attending of the Max Von Laue ceremony at DESY on September 19th, German federal chancellor Angela Merkel has visited the Nanofocus Endstation of P03 (MINAXS) beamline, accompanied by the mayor of Hamburg Olaf Scholz, Nobel Prize Laureate Ada Yonath and DESY director Helmut Dosch.

18 April 2012

First nanodiffraction experiment using KB-mirror at Nanofocus Endstation

Data recorded within the first nanodiffraction experiments on single wood cells in collaboration with Selina Storm (HZG) documents the high spatial resolution of the nanobeam generated with the KB-mirror optics at the Nanofocus endstation and its applicability to weakly scattering, biological systems: 2D-scanning-nanodiffraction with a step size of 500 nm was performed over thin ...

19 March 2012

First KB-nanobeam at Nanofocus Endstation

Succeeding the upgrade of the CRL1 lens exchanger the first nanofocused beam was obtained by C. Krywka and M. Müller (Univ. of Kiel) using the KB-mirror system at the Nanofocus endstation with a beam size of below 600 nm by 600 nm and a flux of 10^9 photons at 12.9 keV.


03 November 2011

Commissioning of the KB-mirror system at the Nanofocus Endstation

The new KB-mirror system purchased by the University of Kiel within the grant BMBF-05K10FK3 (project leader Christina Krywka) is now installed at the Nanofocus endstation of MINAXS and in-beam commissioning has begun. The mirror is designed to demagnify the intermediate focus generated by the CRL1 lens exchanger of MINAXS and is capable to provide a beam with a spot size of about ...

26 April 2011

First Nanodiffraction Experiments at the Nanofocus Endstation

First nanodiffraction experiments were commenced in March and April 2011 by Christina Krywka and Martin Müller using a waveguide beam. Spatially resolved diffraction (WAXS) data were recorded from a cross-section of a tungsten tool with a nanocrystalline TiN coating (collaboration with Jozef Keckes, University of Leoben, Austria) and from metallic coated ZnO-microrods ...

08 February 2012

Intermediate focus fully equipped with slit system

We installed a new slit system in between CRL1 and CRL2. This serves as beam defining slit system for the intermediate focus, which will be imaged by CRL2 and the KB-system. Commissioning is underway!

26 January 2012

New prospect for focusing schemes

The two CRL transfocators are now fully equipped with 63 lenses each. This will in future be commissioned for an intermediate focus and additional focussing schemes.

23 June 2011

Combining in-situ µGISAXS and Imaging Ellipsometry

Among the first experiments to be conducted at MiNaXS, we combined in large collaboration with TU Munich (Group of Prof. Dr. Peter Müller-Buschbaum) and MPI Golm (Group of Prof. Dr. Peter Fratzl) imaging ellipsometry and microbeam grazing incidence small-angle x-ray scattering (µGISAXS). Here, we observed colloidal cluster formation in-situ and time-resolved on top of a nanostructured template during droplet ...

04 February 2011

Adaptive SAXS setup for the microfocus endstation

A flexible flight tube setup for (GI)SAXS experiments is currently installed at the microfocus end station. It allows as an adaptive SAXS setup to chose the sample-to-detector distance in the final stage between 0.5 and 8m. The detector is mounted on a rail system. Both, the evacuated flight tube length and the detector stage can be moved automatically.