Combining in-situ µGISAXS and Imaging Ellipsometry

Among the first experiments to be conducted at MiNaXS, we combined in large collaboration with TU Munich (Group of Prof. Dr. Peter Müller-Buschbaum) and MPI Golm (Group of Prof. Dr. Peter Fratzl) imaging ellipsometry and microbeam grazing incidence small-angle x-ray scattering (µGISAXS). Here, we observed colloidal cluster formation in-situ and time-resolved on top of a nanostructured template during droplet deposition. The corresponding article has been published in

J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 23 (2011) 254208

("In-situ observation of cluster formation during nanoparticle solution casting on a colloidal film", Roth et al.). Please find more information following the link below. Please use this publication when referring to the MiNaXS beamline.

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