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Master Thesis / Masterarbeit:

Online Diagnostic XUV Spectrometer

A spectrometer determines the wavelength of incoming light. Typically, it is used to characterize the properties of light sources such as central wavelength, spectral bandwidth and spectral distribution. One of the most common schemes for a spectrometer design requires a focusing mirror, that images the incoming light onto a grating.

The grating diffracts the different wavelengths at different angles. A second mirror focuses the wavelengths onto a position sensitive detector, e.g. a CCD camera. If the light beam has low divergence, the first mirror can be replaced by a slit. A variable line shape (VLS) grating on a concave substrate can be used to focus the beam directly on the camera chip, without the need for a focusing mirror.

In the framework of the seeding developments at the Free-Electron Laser FLASH, we plan to build a spectrometer, in order to characterize the spectral distribution of the seeded FLASH pulses. In particular, we are interested in the coherence properties of the FEL light.

You would be in charge of the design and and commissioning of the spectrometer based on a Hitachi VLS grating for XUV pulses.

Interested? E-mail to: Leslie Lamberto Lazzarino.

Bachelor Thesis / Bachelorarbeit:

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