Hardware Development

The new synchrotron storage ring Petra-3, currently being built at the DESY site in Hamburg, will become operational in spring 2009. Petra-3 will produce extremely brilliant X-ray radiation allowing for new kinds of experiments. In particular micro-beam techniques will benefit tremendously from the very low emittance of only 1 nmrad which enables us to deliver more than [mm]10^{13} [\mm] ph/sec in a spot size of about 1 µm x 4 µm (v x h). To benefit fully from these new opportunities, the development of new hardware components with very high mechanical stability is required.


A model of the operation of the new chopper under development at Hasylab. The size of the slits and x-ray beam are exaggerated.

In addition to the development of a new chopper system for time resolved experiments at Petra-3, our group is also developing a new in-vacuum diffractometer with a sphere of confusion smaller than 200 nm and the opportunity of sample cooling down to 10 K. This new instrument is intended to be used for micro crystallography and X-ray imaging applications. The construction of this device also includes the development of a very high accuracy in-vacuum positioning system for different pinholes and a new very fast millisecond shutter system.