Journal designated Sang-Kil Son an "Emerging Leader"

 DESY scientist

DESY scientist Sang-Kil Son (Photo: DESY)

DESY scientist Sang-Kil Son has been identified by the Editorial Board of Journal of Physics as one of the most exciting researchers in his generation in the field of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics. On the occasion of the Journal of Physics series' 50th anniversary celebrations in 2017,  a special issue on 'Emerging Leaders' was published, which features invited work from the best
early-career researchers.

Sang-Kil Son's invited contribution, titled 'Compton spectra of atoms at high x-ray intensity', predicts a specific class of phenomena that may be observed with X-ray free-electron lasers and illustrates the unique capabilities of the XATOM toolkit, an integrated toolkit for X-ray and atomic physics, which Sang-Kil Son has developed.

DESY's Research Director for Photon Science, Edgar Weckert, congratulates Sang-Kil Son for being selected as an 'Emerging Leader': "This is an honour and shows the importance of his research for the scientific community in the field of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics."

Selected publication: , and Special issue: emerging leaders