Archive of Announcements 2011

Dec. 06, 2011
Innovation Award on Synchrotron Radiation for DESY researchers (Dec. 2011)

The 'Innovation Award on Synchrotron Radiation 2011' was assigned to K.Tiedtke, U. Jastrow, A. A. Sorokin (DESY Hamburg), U. Kroth, M. Richter (PTB Berlin), and S.V. Bobashev (Joffe ...

Sep. 22, 2011
Construction start for FLASH II (Sep. 2011)

For years, the free-electron laser (FEL) FLASH at DESY has been generating X-ray laser light for an ever increasing user community. The construction started on 20 Sept. 2011 for the next expansion ...

Oct. 29, 2011
Record attendance at the Open Day / Nacht des Wissens bei DESY (Oct. 2011)

Nearly 14.000 visitors took the opportunity of the "Tag der offenen Tür /Open day" and “Nacht des Wissens in Hamburg / Night of Knowledge” to make a DESY tour on Saturday 29 October 2011. New ...

Sep. 09, 2011
Light flashes keep electrons in check (Sept. 2011)

An international team of scientists in cooperation with the CFEL theory group have made a major step closer towards the possibility to control electron movements in atoms. For the first time, they ...

Aug. 15, 2011
Boring of European XFEL accelerator tunnel completed (Aug. 2011)

On 27 July 2011 at around 22:00, the tunnel boring machine TULA (TUnnel for LAser) was outside the wall of its reception shaft. It then just had to slowly drill through the 1.50-metre-thick diaphragm ...

Jul. 08, 2011
Photon science users reports 2010 available online (July 2011)

A deeper insight into the photon science activities is provided by the several hundred annual user experiment and development reports of research activities in 2010. They are now only available ...

Jun. 30, 2011
DESY participates in two new Virtual Institutes of the HGF (Jun. 2011)

The Helmholtz Association started funding new Virtual Institutes on July 1, 2011. DESY is represented in two of these institutions that promote the cooperation of university and non-university ...

May. 10, 2011
Waveguide nanofocus beams with 10 nm cross-section for coherent imaging at at the PETRA III beamline P10 (May 2011)

At the coherence beamline P10 of PETRA III, scientists from University of Göttingen and DESY have focused the undulator beam by elliptical mirrors to 200 nm and coupled this beam into a set of two ...

Apr. 06, 2011
Publication of Mancuso et al. among the 'Best of 2010' in New J. Phys. (April 2011)

Coherent X-ray diffractive imaging experiment led by the groups of I. Vartaniants (DESY) and A. Rosenhahn (University of Heidelberg) and published last year (A P Mancuso, et al. "Coherent ...

Feb. 25, 2011
Sweden collaborates in experiments of the X-ray source PETRA III (Feb. 2011)

The North strengthens nano research - Sweden is now a strong partner of the brilliant X-ray source PETRA III at the DESY research centre. Dr. Leif Eriksson of the Swedish Research Council, and the ...

Feb. 24, 2011
Deutsch-Brasilianisches Jahr der Wissenschaft - DESY-LNLS Workshop in March (Feb. 2011)

In the framework of the German-Brazilian science year (2010-2011) a workshop on the use and development of synchrotron radiation sources will be organised. German and Brazilian scientists will ...

Feb. 15, 2011
Fastest "molecular movie" recorded at FLASH (Jan. 2011)

A team of scientists from four German institutes including HASYLAB/DESY, led by HZB/TUB researchers, recorded two images of a micro-object with soft X-ray pulses, which were separated by only 50 ...

Feb. 03, 2011
First images of proteins and viruses caught with an X-ray laser (Feb. 2011)

Experiments at LCLS show the scientific potential of X-ray free-electron lasers

Feb. 03, 2011
Terahertz flashes enable accurate X-ray measurements at FLASH (Feb. 2011)

Scientists devise a method to study processes with a precision of a few femtoseconds using high-intensity ultrashort X-ray pulses

Jan. 07, 2011
Starting shot for new „Centre for Structural Systems Biology” CSSB (Jan. 2011)

In the future, infections researchers and physicists in Northern Germany will collaborate in the hunt for pathogens: with the scientific coordination by the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research ...