Sample Environment

Equipment and Devices

Right now, a few special sample environments are available:

  • Closed cycle cryostat for measurements between 10K and 300K. Heat-exchange is done via He exchange-gas
  • Liquid jet for liquids, if rather large volumina are available 
  • Rotary- and tilt-stages for grazing-incidence geometry
  • Heavy-duty x-z stages for vertical and horizontal alignment of user-provided sample-cells 
  • High-purity Al vacuum-tank for measurements of pellets in vacuum. This special tank reduces background of all 3d-metals, which can contaminate spectra of 3d-metals at low concentrations.

Mounting Surface

The mounting surfaces on the rotary and tilt stages, and on the x-z stage have a square pattern of M6 tapped holes with 25 x 25mm distance.

If you bring your own cell please note the space and beam position:

  • height of the beam above the tilt-stages
 90 mm
  • height of the beam above the experiment table
 383 mm
  • height above our X95 profil
 270 mm




Working with gases

If you would like to work with gases, please contact the beamline engineer and the beamline scientist 8 weeks before your beamtime, so he can check the availability or order special gases in advance.

At P64 we use tubes and pipes with an outer diameter of 6 mm. Gas couplings are from Swagelok (product series: QC4).

Water Cooling

Here you can find our water specifications:

  • water temperature
 18 °C
  • pressure (inlet)

7.5 bar

  • pressure (outlet)

approx. 1.5 bar

  • connectors
 CPC-In-Line connectors, type: NS4D22006
Flow-IN:       female --> male
Flow-OUT:  male     --> female

Additionilly, we have a Julabo Chiller which works with less pressure and
can provide low temperatures, as well.



Time and Feasibility

Before your experiment, you may take in account some of the following questions:

  • Which equipment do I need?
  • Which equipment, gases, cooling is available at DESY?
  •       Please contact us.
  •       Mostly it is better to bring your own equipment, which you are used to work with
  • Do I have to organize a transport of equipment?
  • Have I declared all safety issues?

If you have the possibility: Please test your setup in advance at your university or institution,
otherwise you will loose time for setting up your experiment.