Writing a Proposal

Information for users who plan to submit a new beamtime application

Before you start writing your proposal, you should contact the beamline scientists and check with them if your experiment can be done at your desired beamline, and if there might be another beamline, which will be better suited. There are many experiments, which are just not feasible at all at DESY!

You can also look at the general Photon-Science Web-pages for users, who want to write a proposal: https://photon-science.desy.de/users_area/user_guide/write_a_proposal/index_eng.html

The proposal has several sections:

1. Scientific background
2. Motivation for the proposal
3. Own previous work at PETRA III
4. Experimental plan
     a) Justification of beamline requested
      b) Justification of beamtime requested
      c) samples & safety related issues
      d) technical information (if applicable)
5. Results expected and their impact
6. References related to the proposal scientific text

Try not to repeat yourself! You have just two pages, and relevant information is very important. We, as beamline-scientists, don't want to read a novel without relevant information. We want to get information on details to your Experimental Plan.