Sample Preparation Lab

The two EXAFS beamlines P64 and P65 are sharing a small sample preparation lab. It is installed right between the control hutches of beamlines P64 and P65. This lab is reserved for users of the two XAFS beamlines. Please be aware that the general rules for chemical labs apply also to preparation lab lab! Please submit also a safety declaration for chemistry labs via DOOR together with the declaration for the beamline not later than 4 weeks before the start of the experiment. Please list all substances, including gases and other substances which are provided by DESY in the declaration. Please contact one of the responsible persons (see bottom) if you have any questions!

Equipment found in the preparation lab:
- Chemical hood
- Glove box filled with Ar, O2 and H2O < 1 ppm
- Laboratory bench
- Analytical balance
- Pellet press (Pressing tools with 5 mm and 13 mm diameter are available)
- Ventilated storage box for solvents
- Lockers for dangerous chemicals

Sample preparation lab for P64 and P65. The glove box on the left hand side uses Ar as working gas, c(H2O) and c(O2) < 1 ppm allow to work with extremely air and humidity sensitive samples.

Fume hood in the sample preparation lab

Contact persons for the XAFS preparation lab:
Main contact: Claudia Schwan (P64/65)
Wolfgang Caliebe (P64)
Edmund Welter (P65)